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Nokia and Nike sign on to R/GA London's new digital lab offering

Already R/GA London’s digital retail lab has helped Nokia increase customer store time by 32% and sales by 25%

Already R/GA London’s digital retail lab has helped Nokia increase customer store time by 32% and sales by 25%

Nokia and Nike are among the first brands to make use to R/GA London’s new digital lab, where clients can come in and experience real life digital environments that can be used for digital retail and live events.

The space itself is designed around specific insights instead of being a showcase for new technology, as the digital lab is insight driven R/GA London hopes to offer clients an experience to demystify and simplify new technologies.

As one of the first brands to come on board Nokia has worked with R/GA London for the past year with phase one of its partnership including the global rollout of an updated touchscreen platform.

“What sets us apart from other agencies is our ability to offer clients a completely new way of working. Building quick prototypes to validate concepts, instead of adding ideas to PowerPoint. The new R/GA London Lab is a physical embodiment of this approach to working,” commented Matt Lodder, director of operations at R/GA London.

The lab itself aims to allow brands with high-concept branded environments to ability to trail new digital retail offerings in a real world setting. The London lab is the first to be built outside of New York.

Lodder furthered: “It gives us a workshop to further explore the insights behind the technology we create, whether it’s for a global roll-out of Nokia’s new digital retail platform, or a live event at Battersea PowerStation powered by data delivered from each person’s Nike+ FuelBand.”


BrooklynBrett 5 Mar 2013 - 16:50

Congrats to my London brethren. With our retail lab in New York clients get a chance to see technology in action and really respond to it the way customers would. It's quite exciting for them and gets them more comfortable with the ideas we present to them later.

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