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China revokes Burberry’s signature check trademark

China revokes Burberry’s signature check trademark

China revokes Burberry’s signature check trademark

Fashion chain Burberry is facing a Far East setback after China’s trademark office moved to revoke the fashion houses copyright for its iconic red, black and tan check design.

This means that rivals, led by local fashion chain Polo Santa Roberta, can now use the iconic plaid in their own fashion accessories, prompting a legal fight back by the luxury fashion brand, which has 71 stores in the country, in order to protect its exclusive rights to the property.

Lawyers acting on behalf of PSR successfully argued that Burberry was monopolising parts of Scotland’s cultural heritage and that Burberry had not used the pattern for a period of three years, undermining the validity of its ownership.

Burberry remains adamant that its trademark remains intact however and has vowed to fight the decision, issuing the following statement: “The Burberry Check remains a registered trade mark exclusively owned by Burberry and no other parties can use the mark without Burberry's proper authorisation.

"Burberry always takes the strongest possible action against those who use its trade marks unlawfully."

Burberry sales rose by 20 per cent in China last year but this expansion could be jeopardised by a flood of copycat products.


neale_gilhooley 28 Nov 2013 - 14:50

So even big brands get screwed over in China using the courts no less.

Hardly guilty of monopolising our cultural heritage, last time I check'ed it was not even a tartan.

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